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Prosia will always be able to serve you by delivering effective solutions, reliable and responsive services

Two things will never change, change itself and PROSIA’s commitment to always become reliable.

PROSIA has been involved in providing ICT solutions in various forms since 1995. Along the way, we have certainly experienced many changes and encountered challenges. However, with us, PROSIA always grows to be better, and more reliable.

Software industry runs at a dynamic pace. In just a few years, so much has changed. It is essential for PROSIA to never stop adapting and trying its best to meet customer needs. However, one thing is certain and never changes: we will always be reliable partners.

Our long-term commitment is to deliver the best results for you. You can count on us not only as a partner, but also a best friend to face any challenge that may occur in the future.

Rudy Sujanto
President Director of Prosia

Profile of PROSIA

Prosia, or PT Pro Sistimatika Automasi, is a software solutions company whose mission is to leverage customers into excellence.

We endeavor to do that by achieving excellence ourselves by getting CMMI-Dev Level 3 certified.

We have a strong team of solution architects, project managers, analysts, developers, support and implementation specialists ready for your software projects in mission-critical enterprise custom development, business analytics, geospatial solutions, enterprise content management, and system integration.

Short history

Prosia started out in 1995 providing accounting services to companies, but then began to implement accounting systems and ERP as the business grew.

When it joined Compnet Group in 2010, Prosia had already a software development team that complemented Compnet’s offering for a total system solutions.

Prosia acquired its first CMMI Dev Level 3 in 2015. It was renewed in 2018, and again in 2021.

In 2019, Prosia joined Japan-based CTC Group of companies in South East Asia.

CMMI Development Level 3 Certified

At the end of 2018 we were rewarded a prestigious certification in software development world after almost a year of hard work on certification processes.

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provide organizations with the essential elements of effective processes to ultimately improve their performance.

We have been appraised at maturity level 3 that indicates we are performing at a “defined” level. At this level, processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The organization’s set of standard processes, which is the basis for maturity level 3, is established and improved over time.

This certification is one of many steps we need to take to achieve excellence ourselves, so we can help our customers to achieve excellence next.


Creating unique, enterprise-scale software solutions that leverage customers into excellence.


Consistently delivering successful implementation of Business Information Systems Solution, using the best practice methodology, with high sense of responsibility and quality assurance.


These following key strengths distinguish PROSIA in contributing the success of business stakeholder :

Proven Methodology

PROSIA methodology has been developed by experienced field-based practitioners working with small to large enterprises in Indonesia. PROSIA methodology has been created to accelerate Project Implementation Completion process, to enable client to get quick return on investment. PROSIA methodology requires the full involvement and commitment of Client Project Team from planning, modelling, solution mapping, configuration, testing and end-user training to ensure that transfer of skills is realized.

PROSIA methodology approach, implementation experience, and commitment reflect the value-added services offered to client to meet key objectives and reduce the business risk often associated with an enterprise systems implementation.

Committed Team

Our Consultants are experienced field-based practitioners, Industrial Practice experts with vast experience in Finance-Accounting and Information Technology projects and uphold high commitment to deliver successful implementation.

Our Partners

We have been working with many clients since years ago and delivered good results. Here are some from many World Class Principal Partners that have worked with us:

Our Clients

Our customers are organizations that use its network and information technology to achieve its business goals and with our strong history in Indonesia and our exposure to clients across industries in both the private and public sectors allows us to understand the transformation of the information technology, internet related technology, and its implications to current and future industries.


Financial Services

Public Services

Private Sector

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